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Welcome to Lake Victoria View Lodge


Lake Victoria View Lodge is an exquisite lodge and camping ground overlooking L.Victoria


The Lodge has a total of 4 Luxurious rooms and a camping site accomodating over 10 tents and a spacious living room.


Have you ever wished to enjoy the best tastefully designed restaurant with a seating capacity of 30 pax? Both continental and local dishes are served. The emphasis is on variety, taste and satisfaction with high standards maintained at a high level at all times.

Customer Care
You will be catered for by highly trained customer service representatives and drivers/guides. The policy there is to employ the best in terms of performance and discipline.


About Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria or Victoria Nyanza (also known as Ukerewe, The Eye of the Rhino, Nalubaale, Sango, or Lolwe) is one of the African Great Lakes. The lake was named for Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom, by John Hanning Speke, the first European to visit this lake.

With a surface area of 68,800 square kilometres (26,600 sq mi), Lake Victoria is Africa’s largest lake by area, and it is the largest tropical lake in the world. Lake Victoria is the world's second largest freshwater lake by surface area (only Lake Superior in North America is larger). In terms of its volume, Lake Victoria is the world's eighth largest continental lake, and it contains about 2,750 cubic kilometers (2.2 billion acre-feet) of water.









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